24 April 2008


It isn't much, but it makes me happy.

Ever since I started my job (about 18 months ago) I've been using my predecessor's lab coat. She was also a large lady. Not a problem. The coat went round me and who cares what you look like when you are a fat lass.

I happened to glance at my reflection in a glass door panel yesterday and realised that this lab coat was now completely swamping me. I don't mean 'a bit big', but it was like a little head and a couple of hands had been stuck on a white barn door.

So I have a new one. It's ten inches smaller than the old one. It fits me. I feel good about it.

The little things in life sometimes mean the most, don't you think?


the janitor said...

Brilliant! Now, where did I put the url of that American site selling tie-dyed ones?

the janitor said...

He! He! When you are next in the market you mght like to buy a supply of sunglasses - your colleagues will need them soon.

Thanks to FedEx!

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