24 April 2008

Maths was never my strong point

I've been doing some thinking, and some sums. Not an easy task for a bear of very little brain, but I just felt it had to be done.

On Monday the dietician told me I'd lost more than 10% of my body weight.That was fantastic news, absolutely brilliant in fact, but then I started thinking I'd like to know exactly how much more than 10%. Hence the sums.

I was first weighed at the GP's some 5 weeks after starting to be seriously careful what I ate and beginning to increase my practically non-existent exercise levels. At that point I weighed in at 96kg. I guess I'd already lost something as my bust, waist, hip etc. measurements had reduced but I didn't own a bathroom scales (at that size ? No way!). So, I can't really calculate the loss over that period.

Hmmm, OK, lets call my starting weight 96kg then. 10% of that would be 9.6kg (basic maths but hey, I can do this one). So once I'd got to 86.4kg I'd lost my 10%. On Monday I was down to 79kg so I've lost 17kg in total. Now, looking this up (with thanks to FatFrank's Weblog) that means 79 kg = 174 lbs = 12 stone 6 lbs. Great, but what is that in percentage terms?

Struggle with calculator and figure it to be a loss of 17.7%. Does that sound right to you? This is getting better.

Better yet, when I get down to 76.8kg I'll be down to 80% of my starting weight - a 20% loss sounds twice as good to me and it's not that far to go. If this isn't motivation then I don't know what would be - that'd be a fifth of my flabby body gone! Disappeared. Left the building. And, never coming back.

Wish me luck.


Scribbit said...

Thanks for your sweet comment--nice of you to stop by!

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