24 September 2007

Tai Chi

I've started a Tai Chi class. One and a half hours on a Monday night. Add this to the rowing (up to 300 strokes per day now) and more walking (about 25 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening) and I'm certainly more active than I was.

17 September 2007

Back from holiday

That's a nice surprise. I come back from two weeks holiday and find my waist size has dropped to 36 inches! The hips have shrunk a bit too.I didn't think for a moment about watching what I ate, but we really did do a lot of walking and, in the heat of Istanbul, drank gallons of water.

When you think about it, Turkish food is actually pretty healthy - lots of fruit, veg, pulses and grilled meats. Add to this a love of tea without milk, seafood and unleavened bread and everything, but everything as fresh as can be - definitely a recipe for healthy living.

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