23 April 2008

Good last night?

Yes, it was. I wasn't really expecting it to be but I really enjoyed the gym and afterwards was nice too.

The gym was very, very crowded and hot as hell. Smelly too, but you get used to that (and start to whiff a bit yourself quite soon). There were queues for all the CV machines but I got lucky and just as I finished on the cross-trainer someone finished with the stepper. I would have liked a short break between but...

It started to thin out a little bit by around 7pm and the weights were less of a problem. The leg-press is still broken, but all else was good - even the core stuff. The best bit was that I didn't need to use my inhaler. It got a bit close at times, but I got through without it in the end. A real bonus after the morning.

Afterwards we went around the corner to a very basic, no-frills pub. I was desperately thirsty even though I'd drunk a lot in the gym, and demolished a glass of tonic water then ordered another straight away - hubby hadn't even sat down!

I wasn't very hungry (are you surprised after the bread pud?) so asked for the vegetable and tomato soup. Good choice? Oh yes. When it arrived it looked amazing. Thick with broccoli, carrots, corn, onions, mushrooms and the odd bean, in a lovely tomato sauce. Served with a hunk of granary and a hunk of white loaf. Delicious!

Hubby's veg curry with udong noodles was apparently very nice too. It certainly disappeared fast and looked great - full of veg. He helped me out with the bread, so the only waste was a pot of butter.


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