06 April 2008

Groaning, but content

Hubby has risen to the occasion again. To hell with a photo of the real thing this time - it wasn't going to last long enough. One sniff and I just fell on it like a starving wolf!

Picture a stuffed chicken breast parcel from the butchery counter at Origin 8 in Cambridge. Before cooking, they look very similar to this but maybe a tad smaller and without the cherry!

This is meat as it should be. Free-range and reared withing clucking distance of Cambridge! As they would put it:

fresh, seasonal and based on local agricultural and culinary traditions
Roasted until a beautiful golden brown, it sat on a bed of pureed broad beans mixed with a teaspoonful of home-made basil and mint pesto. The beans were wonderful! A healthy helping of steamed carrots and sweetheart cabbage served in bowls on the side and Sunday dinner never looked so good. Who needs the fat-laden roast tatties, eh?

OK, it wasn't all goody two-shoes stuff - we really ate far too much. We could easily have shared the meat from a single breast, not had a whole one each, but next time we'll know better. I have to say that I think the bean puree and veg would almost be enough, without the chicken, although hubby doesn't agree.

The devilish side of me ate the lot! Better hit the gym tomorrow - work off some of these calories!


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