15 April 2008

Stealth bug

Oh pooh! Just when I thought I'd managed to fight off the lurgy. The sneaky little buggy beggar was in hiding - good timing? Not!

Drove down to Mum's on Saturday morning - felt exhausted when I got there but not actually ill. Unfortunately, at this point my friendly, neighbourhood bug decided now would be a good time to stage a takeover bid.

By early evening this translated into an almost constant series of coughing fits, apparently designed to scrape off the top layer of cells from my lungs (back to the inhaler, I'm afraid). Add in the sweats 'n shakes and a jack-hammer headache which extended from my temples to the back of my neck. Exercise? Who are you kidding? Food? Yuck!

The birthday dawned with me still hacking and coughing - off to church for everyone but me. Blast it - really wanted to go with them. Got myself together (well, to 'approximately' human) to go out for a celebratory meal but it wasn't awfully appealing. The two big jugs of water were calling more strongly than food. Just about hung in there for the birthday cake then off to another uncomfortable, cough-disturbed night.

Drove home early, with frequent cough, inhaler and drink stops. Boy, does feeling this rough make me worryingly aggressive on the road. Sincere apologies to the lorry driver and to the IAM - guess I should have hidden the badge!

Home at last and straight into bed by 3 p.m. Didn't emerge until the next morning... oh yeah, that's today. What a waste of two days annual leave and all my plans for an extended visit to my lovely Mum. Still, there'll be a bank holiday soon - try again, I guess.

I can't help thinking the rower and the gym is out of the question for a few days as breathing is a bit of an issue, but hey, lets look at the silver lining. Got on the scales this morning and the lack of interest in food translates to a 2.5kg weight loss.

I know, I know, it won't stay that way, but let me have something to cheer up my miserable morning.


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