15 January 2008

Shrunk a bit more

Time to check in with the GP, and good news. Last night I was down to 85kg on their scales (dressed but without shoes). That's 13 stone 4lb, so both the dietician and I are pleased with continuing steady progress.

Yes, I'm being careful about what I eat, but I think the key to the weight loss is the fact that I'm so much more active now. I'm doing 300 strokes every day on the rower, and getting off the bus early on my way into work. I feel better for it too.

Out of interest (and because I finally stopped resisting and bought a bathroom scales) when the GP's scales tell me I'm 85kg, mine at home tell me I'm 86.5kg - that's stepping on them ten minutes later, same clothes, no shoes.

I think the lesson here is not to believe the actual figure - goodness knows which one (if either) is accurate. Just use it as a visual check to follow the drop in weight, in addition to how my clothes feel. It'll be interesting to see how I react if the needle ever goes up though!

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