30 April 2015

Emotional, worried and some major news

While I haven't disappeared off the face of the planet entirely, I thought it best not to post anything while I'm not at my most coherent, and there have been a variety of reasons why coherence has not been my middle name!

Let's start with the worried part, as the emotional part stems from this as well as from the major news. I'm worried about my oldest, dearest friend. Very worried to be honest, as her recurrent breast cancer has entered the arena with a vengeance this time around. She went into battle for 'round one' of a huge treatment regime last week (sentinel lymph node biopsies) and until early this week all was apparently as well as could be expected - she was just, in her words, 'damn sore and tired'. Sadly, Monday she was re-admitted as she'd developed an infected haematoma and was on intravenous antiobiotics awaiting more surgery. Oh, and all this is just a precursor to the main event - double mastectomy plus all the bells & whistles which hits her in a couple of short weeks time. Can I say the 'F' word please.

And then there's 'our' major news... which is that we are about to move, with a corresponding huge change in lifestyle as my darling lovely hubby is going to retire and I'm going to start a new job hunt in a brand new and unfamiliar area. And all this has happened in a whirlwind - we really did not anticipate things taking place so fast.

Er... exciting? Yep, that it is. Scary? You betcha! Actually, I'd use the word 'terrified' to describe how I feel in the early hours of the morning when I contemplate just how much there is to do in such a small amount of time - we move on 29th May! Suffice it to say that neither of our bosses are exactly over the moon.

As to us, we are currently packing, packing, packing and downsizing massively to attempt to fit into a one bedroomed retirement flat (which we go to measure precisely tomorrow - wish us luck). The local charity shops think that Christmas has come early! Whilst that's a positive, the sad part is that Connie, the super duper rower, has had to go as no way would she fit into the new flat. Boo hoo indeed, but she's gone to a local school to be used by the kids at their fitness centre, so some good has come from this (even if it doesn't feel exactly great just at the moment).

Oh, and our tattoo bookings were cancelled on us at short notice (very valid reasons though) so I've somehow got to reschedule that for before we leave the area.

So you'll understand that any semblance of coherence kind of went to the wall for a while. Amazingly, sensible eating hasn't! All I can say is that life throws curve balls at you just when you don't expect it and all you can do to retain your sanity is to roll with it.

Onwards, ever... from the bubble wrap queen!

24 April 2015

Today's the day...

...that the tattoo becomes reality.

From here on, there's no excuse not to count my blessings.

10 April 2015

Happiness and remembrance

Oh my. I dreamed again about my lovely Mum last night. It was so, so real and, because of that, wonderful but also bittersweet. In my dream she had already grown old and frail, but she was trying so hard to do what she always did - help other people.

I've been dreaming of her quite a bit recently and guess I know why this is. Coming up in just a few days she has a Birthday. On Monday she'd have been 94. Oh, how I miss her... though I wouldn't wish her back to her suffering.

However, I've mentioned (OK, more like bored you all) more than once about her 'Count Your Blessings' saying, and this is something I try to remember and act upon each and every day. It's become a very important part of my life and I've decided to do something to permanently remind myself (and others) of Mum's mantra.

So... in a couple of weeks time I'm booked in to have this phrase tattooed on my back, in a curve at the bottom of my spine, as a lasting reminder of how fortunate I am. I've chosen a really pretty, delicate font (better than in the picture, and may put a picture up afterwards if I feel brave) and booked a half-day holiday. What's more, my darling lovely hubby is going to have the self-same phrase tattooed too, in a different (more masculine) font on his shoulder.

Are we daft? Possibly, but I can't think of many more fitting memorials to a lovely lady. Life's blessings? They surely included my darling Mother.

07 April 2015

Great weekend, over too soon

Well, it was great to spend time alone with my darling lovely hubby, away from the mad world of work, enjoying ourselves and exploring part of the UK we don't know well at all. Off we went to the Peak District and thereabouts for an Easter break, and really liked it a lot. Probably ate way too much, but what the heck.

Friday was grey and wet, wet, wet, but that didn't stop us exploring and having 'our' version of fun. Saturday was better weather, and we saw some absolutely fabulous countryside and had a lovely walk, up hill and down dale. Sunday was a super spring day. Daffodils everywhere, a gorgeous church to explore and a ride on an old train. Bliss!

Yesterday disappeared in a blur of the 'usual' weekend tasks as we were back home and today... well, it may be Tuesday, but it sure feels like a Monday to this fat lass! Ho hum.

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