10 April 2008

Not a good day.

This blasted headache is still driving me mad, three days now - think I'm fighting/starting a cold, and paracetamol are not helping worth a damn. Just in time for Mum's birthday weekend too. I feel really miserable.

And, oh boy, it seems to have affected my common sense. At a meeting this morning, someone put a plate of biscuits in front of me and I'd eaten four before I realised what I was doing and pushed them out of reach (though it was a particularly boring meeting, I have to say).

I wolfed my lunchtime sandwiches and orange, demolished a yoghurt which was supposed to be for tomorrow's lunch and I almost succumbed to a slice of cake a few minutes ago. What is happening to my self-control?

What's more, I didn't do my rowing or abs stuff yesterday or today and I'm like a bear with a sore head - OK, more like a fat lass with a sore head. Well, exactly like a fat lass... etc.

What I'm craving at the moment is some serious comfort - a big mug of hot chocolate, a heaped plate of garlic-laced, cheese-topped mashed potato and then my bed... preferably cuddled up, wrapped in the duvet with my own pet nuclear reactor - hubby.

Instead, what I have in store tonight is another bloody salad, a 'computer support' slot for a neighbour and the joys of being back to more work hassle tomorrow. At least the salad will be nice... if not the mash I crave.


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