22 April 2008

Plus and minus

On the heels of last night's positive thinking the morning began well. Onto the rower (albeit not up to full strength yet) and wheezing or not got the abs stuff done. A brisk walk to work from the far end of town - so far so good.

Most of the morning was OK, until just before lunch when everything went pear-shaped. Call it too much to do in too short a time - other people's emergencies, dumped on yours truly to sort out. Spent a lot of time on the phone and emailing suppliers - mostly to no avail. The asthma set off something alarming - stressed out I guess - and I needed to use my inhaler twice in an hour so I then shook like a jelly (a side-effect I could well do without!).

Ate my lunchtime salad (a rather boring ham one this time) and my apple, but neither were satisfying so I then cast around for the dreaded 'something nice'. I found it. It came in a foil packet and had too much salt in it - yep, bag of crisps. OK, drink a pint of water to compensate. Promise to drink another pint during the afternoon. One foot off the wagon but, hell, it's not too bad. Is it?

This afternoon has been manic too. I think to myself "I'd better avoid the canteen" (they serve home-made cake every day!) and I plan to stay away. Then I decided I really wanted a cup of tea - you guessed, I didn't get time for my second pint of water. Fine, I go to the canteen. Yes, I came back with a cuppa... but it was accompanied by a slice of bread pudding. Stodgy bread pudding. Delicious bread pudding. Unnecessary bread pudding. It's disappeared and, worse, I know where it went.

OK, let's not get completely carried away here. I had brought in a ham roll and some fruit to eat at tea-break before going to the gym tonight. I'll keep that for lunch tomorrow, so in effect I'm just replacing it with the bread pudding for a dose of carbohydrates and some dried fruit. Yes, there's some empty calories too, but it's not a complete disaster - unlike the crisps which really had no fringe benefits.

But, it's back onto the wagon as of this moment, my gal. My fat ass is going to the gym tonight and I'm damn well going to work off those empty calories! What's more, I WILL drink that second pint of water right now... glug, glug, glug.


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