11 April 2008

Guilt-minimising comfort food

My lovely hubby is such a star! He never ceases to surprise me - he must have seen yesterday's entry and last night, when I got home, he'd come up with a great compromise.

A big pile of red cabbage (a firm favourite of mine), with a layer of bubble & squeak on top. So, I had my potato, just mixed with broccoli and onion to make it even tastier without having to resort to adding high-fat cheese.

Add two poached eggs with a little smoked ham mixed in and that was dinner. Loads of flavour, felt like comfort food but kept the fats and calories to a pretty reasonable level.

The PC help went well (and quickly - phew!) and an early night was possible after all.

Still feeling less than 100% today, with a rather unattractive growly voice and a something that sounds like the worst smoker's cough, but in a better frame of mind for having been pampered and provided with some serious comfort. I may need the asthma inhaler at some point today (it's come close a few times) - but, if I do, this is NOT a failure!


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