11 April 2008

Walkies, anyone?

The rowing, abs exercise and gym has really gone to pot over the last few days, with this coldy, coughy, headachy thing making me feel like a bit of a zombie. I've really not felt like exercising, particularly when the alarm gets me out of bed at 5.15 a.m., but I've also missed it in a funny way. It's been a source of some frustration to me - sort of half wanting to, but feeling that I can't.

But, just to try it out and see how things went, I got off the bus as early as I could tonight and walked home. The wind was blowing an absolute hooley, needless to say straight into my face, and it had a real bite to it (apparently it snowed again earlier!). But what the hell, I stepped out and, even though I got out of puff, it did me a huge amount of good. I didn't quite need the inhaler either.

Yes, I'm now feeling tired (bodily, at least), but I also feel much more mentally alert and much less 'poor me'.

So, I think there's a lesson here for me. Even when I feel like a whimpering wimp, maybe I should force this fat butt into action, even if it is only half an hour's walking. It might make me feel better, not worse - what do you reckon?


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