29 April 2008

A bit of a wobble

It's not started at all well today. My attitude is a bit off beam and I'm having to fight hard with myself to not buy chocolate.

It's down to work stress again - I was OK before my meeting with the boss. This seems to be a repeating trigger for falling off the wagon and today is H*A*R*D. I'm trying the 'pint of water and a couple of ryvitas' trick at the moment, in the hope that actually filling my belly with something (albeit not with the thing I'm craving) will pacify my brain.

I also ache still from Sunday's gym session (the leg press was still broken so I tried out a couple of alternative leg stations which use other muscle groups - don't I know it!) and from last night's Chi Kung. This stiffness and aching isn't helping as I'm not sleeping terribly comfortably. Doesn't fill me with enthusiasm for the morning exercises either!

There's too much going on right now and prioritising is not easy - everything is important! I guess I'm just feeling overwhelmed and rather down. It's back to the gym tonight for a gentle (ish) session. I can at least take my frustrations out on the machines.


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