01 April 2008

Size 16 skirt!

I've just bought a skirt from Jaeger - beautiful it is too. But best of all, it's a size 16! And it isn't tight!

I think that should kick my Black Dog where it hurts. We are off to the gym tonight so re-motivating seems to be going well. Wish me luck.


V J W III said...

Jaeger! Steady on old girl, what's wrong with Primark? Ah! just looked at the calendar.

deniz said...

It really is a Jaeger skirt. OK, it was in the sale... and it is pre-owned, but you know me - love a bargain. At £2.50 I think it was too.

Dulce said...

congrats, to u.
Dulce maria Varela
"being closer to being happy is everyones goal"

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