21 April 2008

A BIG milestone!

Well, this evening has turned out to be rather a fine one.

Starting with a visit to the GP for my three-monthly check - the good news is that I've lost another 6kg. This means I've now lost more than 10% of my body-weight (from my starting point) and the dietician assures me that losing this amount correlates with significant long-term health benefits. Still fighting the leftovers from a chest infection and, sadly, a resurgence of my asthma, this is very welcome news indeed.

But the better news to my mind is that when we calculated my body mass index figure I'm now out of the 'obese' category! Only just, as I now have a BMI of 30 so I'm right on the borderline, but I'm no longer obese - that sounds soooo good. Yes, I'm still a fatty - officially 'overweight', that is - but I'm so pleased I could belly-dance for joy!

I'm really, really delighted with the progress I've made - it's hard to express how happy it makes me. In less than a year, I've gone from a BMI of over 36 down to 30. This makes up for all my recent black dog days and the struggles to keep my motivation intact.

The evening got even better. The new term started tonight for my Chi Kung class and it was great! The 'old hands' amongst us have really missed the classes and everyone said how good it was to be back. There were a few new faces tonight too, and we all really enjoyed tonight's session... even if the calf muscles were trembling by the end of it.

Could the evening get better still? Yes, it certainly could!

Hubby came to meet me from class and took me for a picnic by the river. Crisp, crunchy chilli chicken salad with lots of shredded carrot and sweet red pepper, birds to watch and to listen to, some beautiful shaggy brown sheep grazing on the opposite bank and then the best bit of all. Once we'd finished our salads we walked along the river - heaven! I've only just finished picking the midges out of my teeth.

What a great end to today. Picture me grinning... a lot.


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