04 April 2008

Fishy business

Yum, yum. Hubby is really getting into this 'healthy option' cooking.

Yes indeed, I am one very lucky 'fat lass'. And with my darling helping me all the way by keep me interested in good, tasty, low-fat choices, I'm slowly getting to be less of a fatty.

This time it was a bed of roasted root vegetables and a warm mixed bean salad with a mint vinaigrette, topped with fillets of pan-fried tilapia (using just a smidgen of oil).

This was pretty darned good on it's own, but decorated with what is rapidly becoming one of my favourite treats - roasted cherry tomatoes - it was fantastic!

As you can see, it looked amazing. Even better, it tasted great and ticked off loads of the 'healthy' boxes.

Now, if only some clever person would develop a 'taste-o-vision' plug-in for Blogger ...


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