16 April 2008

Bad, bad, bad!

Back to work today. Why do I ever go away? Didn't feel on top of the world anyway and it's been a day of disasters.

Started at 06.50, in the fog, with my bank card being swallowed up, giving me no cash to buy a bus ticket - this deserves a BIG grrrrr!

On to a conversation with said bank - who assure me there's no reason for it to happen, probably 'a fault'. Oooh, you're kidding, right?

Then, to cap it all, the fool banker (yep, that first letter is a 'b') tried to sell me home insurance! Let's just say it wasn't a good time to be mentioning something like that.

And, on to grumble no. 2, I can't get to see my doctor about this disgustingly bubbling, raspy chest until Friday afternoon - late afternoon!

Work has also been a bit of a trial - the expected 'lots of stuff' to sort out after two days leave - and my temper isn't improved by the individual who, when I've gone out of my way to chase up an 'urgent' outstanding order, grumpily tells me just how much of a problem the thing not arriving until tomorrow will make his life! And this when he was looking at the item not arriving until the end of the month before I chased it. Oh dear. I'm utterly heartbroken.

The upshot? I ate cake!

Did I care? Hell, no.

Did I enjoy it? Sadly, no. Not that it wasn't nice, but it wasn't really what I needed - namely to reduce a severely tested temper to a mere murmur and to cheer up a rather trying day. I'd have been much better off going for a wheezy walk - inhaler and all.

To cut a long story short, I think I'd better get my attitude back on track before tomorrow and haul my ass firmly back onto the wagon. Otherwise, I'll start getting fatter and even less healthy again, and certain other folk in my vicinity may find their life isn't worth living.


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