03 February 2012

What's the time?

It's tooth hurty!

An old joke, but quite appropriate at the moment. Two evenings ago, whilst eating a soft-boiled duck egg, there came a delicate crunchy sound from my mouth. Thinking it was a piece of shell, I immediately blamed lovely hubby... like you do.

Indignantly, he told me I must surely be mistaken (or some less polite variant thereof) and, at that point I realised that the hard bits in my mush were ex-fat lass. OK, I thought, it's part of a filling, but no. On closer examination, all fillings remain resolutely in place. What had collapsed into tiny bits, leaving a filling balanced in mid-air, was what remained of my poor molar!

Hmmm, we have a cold snap here in the UK. Cold air plus hole in tooth = ouch! Let's leave it that, over the last couple of days, the fat lass has closely resembled a bear with a sore head... mostly because I have indeed had a 'sore head'.

But, thank the Fates for paracetanol and emergency dental appointments. I am the proud owner of a new 'temporary' filling which'll keep me grump free for a week or two and I can have the 'proper' job done.

Ah well, at least I haven't wanted to eat madly! Silver linings and all that jazz.


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