23 February 2012

Keep on keeping on

Remember that 'positive' button from a few posts ago? Hmmm, I just need to keep my head above water and try not to let myself get disheartened. If I don't make active progress so be it, but what I DO NOT want to do is go backwards.

So, I've decided to cut myself a little slack until I feel properly well again and then I'll get back on the rower. In the meantime I'll remember to keep drinking my water, eat healthily (lots of vitamin rich fresh fruit and veggies) wherever possible, walk at lunchtimes, even if I don't stride out in my usual fashion, and I'll try to keep reminding myself to stay away from those naughtier tempting nibbles.

Speaking of which, I managed to pull off a major coup (for me) yesterday when I said a firm (if a little regretful) NO to a gorgeous looking piece of Key Lime pie. It was definitely calling my name (OK, it was bellowing 'eat me'!) but I turned and walked away. Even when a colleague offered to share the slice he'd just bought, I still (just about) managed to restrain myself.

Rush off to buff up that halo now, fat lass - NSVs = good!


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