28 February 2012

Move it

OK, so the gym and the rower has been off the agenda for a while (Grrr! Thanks asthma, I don't think!) but that doesn't mean I haven't found some ways to keep my posterior moving.

Most of this has been through walking, using the stairs not that tempting lift, and some half-hearted abs stuff. Sure, it's been a wheezy experience a lot of the time, but I have not given up. And it's this movement that has largely helped to save my bacon, I think, and means I haven't turned back into the giant flab monster once again. And, just let me assure you, it wouldn't take all that much.

Constant vigilance is definitely the watchword for keeping weight off, methinks. Seeing it as a 'lifestyle' choice not a diet, and remembering the health reasons for wanting to lose the weight from the beginning, is of the essence.

Making sure I move every single day, even if not up to my usual standards, is such an important thing for this fat lass. I just cannot stress enough how much it helps me, nor how different this is to my previous way of life in my obese days when a nice sit down was my aim for much of the time. Even if I 'could do better', doing something is vital. In many ways, doing at least 'some' exercise is as, if not more, important than good eating these days.

That's not to say I could (or would even want to) go back to my old bad habits in the food department. It's amazing to think I would miss my fresh fruit and veggies and oatmeal far more than I would enjoy a bowl of chips, a box of chocs or a full English fry-up.

Somehow though I can understand the change in my tastes, and this helps keep the eating on track. But never in my life was I ever someone who was considered (or considered myself) remotely 'sporty' and I am actually a confirmed exercise-phobe... particularly if 'exercise' involves any sort of 'team' activity. Bleh!

I can't begin to account for my sea-change in approach to movement. I suppose finding things I can do which pander to my 'loner' tendencies has been of great help. Walking and my indoor rowing is not competitive in the least and that works for me. Whatever the cause of the change in 'me' I'm just grateful for it.

Finding what works 'for me' has been the biggest help to getting the weight off in the first place and keeping it off. I guess the message in this is to listen to your body and figure out what it is trying to tell you. When you've heard what it has to say, and understood what it wants from you, do your body a favour and act on its requests. But if you don't get it quite right at first and it needs a little tweaking, then tweak. Between you, you'll figure it out.


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

You are so wise to journey to find what works for you, what speaks to you, and what you can do forever.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you use enough recovery time between core workout sessions. Stand tall on the petals keeping your back straight.

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