17 February 2012

Found a chink

Well, I gave myself a smart kick in the metaphorical pants after I'd posted my miseries for the world to see yesterday, and that heavy shell of blue armour now has a couple of wee cracks in it - maybe this'll get my black dog on the run?

A lunchtime walk in the fresh air did me a whole lot of good. OK, I wheezed a bit and coughed even more, but I moved my flabby bottom more than I have in near on a fortnight and it felt good. I'm going to repeat the prescription today!

What's more, I saw some beautiful spring flowers (celandines?) under a tree at the side of a busy street, lit by a stray ray of sunshine. If I hadn't been in public it might have had me in tears, it was so sweet to see.

What's even better again was that, whilst I was walking, I actually took note of what lovely hubby told me on Tuesday, which was all about the results from his latest blood tests. Cholesterol and HbA1c all much improved from the last round of bloods. Good, great, better and fantastic about sums it up!

I was too deep in doom to properly appreciate the good news when he mentioned it, but results like this are down to his hard work and weight loss - well done to him :-)

Right, let's keep pushing that positive button - onwards ever...!


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