07 February 2012

Wonderful weekend, miserable Monday, but a tolerable Tuesday?

Saturday brought us quite a bit of walking, which was lovely, but also quite a bit of sitting down (on a coach journey to visit a friend, which took about three hours each way). It also brought pretty moderate and reasonable eating, as I could happily portion share with my friend as her appetite and mine are quite similar, with neither of us often stretching to eat complete restaurant portions. A successful day, all told.

And Sunday? Well, we didn't make it to the gym, as we'd planned, but the deeper than expected snow meant we both had a darned good workout anyway, clearing the white stuff from all the paths for about an hour and a half to two hours just after first light. I guess that counts as decent exercise, eh? Certainly feels like we used a few muscles. It was pretty though and, boy, it was C O L D!

Food was once again quite decent. We had planned to treat ourselves to a naughty-but-nice bacon buttie at the local greasy spoon after our exertions, but went indoors for home-made porridge instead (just polishing my halo as I write). The hearty winter stew we cooked up in the slow cooker for a late lunch was a good thing too. Not only was it tasty and warming (with a healthy dose of garlic, cinnamon and cumin), but I'd got carried away with the prep so it contained way more veggies (of all sorts) than it did meat. What's more, when we started dishing it up we decided there was too much, so it'd do us for two days. Guess what was going to be on the menu Monday night.

Unfortunately, the good news sort of ends there. After a great morning, I started feeling pretty rotten in the afternoon and actually went back to bed for a few hours late on in the day as I felt so groggy. I ended up having a very uncomfortable and pretty sleepless night on Sunday, with bunged up sinuses, an aching jaw (hmmm, coincidence?) and a throat like raw meat.

Getting up on Monday morning was hard work, and I really didn't appreciate slithering into work in the icy slush. Not a great day. It felt like my day at work was only made possible by throat sweets and paracetamol aplenty, although I felt a teensy bit more human later in the day than I did first thing. Flagged by evening though, as you do.

Today saw a little bit of an improvement. Although the bug is still rampant I had a somewhat better night so have felt slightly less 'orrible! My headache is down to manageable proportions, but the throat is still quite a picture. Not only do I have the swollen,tender and undercooked steak look but I've sprouted a couple of odd yellowy-white spots too. If this doesn't go away pretty soon I may have to take it to the doc. Until then, throat sweets 'r us. Unfortunately, not being used to so much sugar, I've now broken out in mouth ulcers to add to the fun. Ho hum.

Here's to a reasonable rest of week. Onwards ever.


moonduster said...

I hope you feel better soon. Being sikc makes everything else we need to do so much more of a struggle.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I hope that you are feeling even better today. Take it easy on yourself.

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