22 February 2012

Not plain sailing

Indeed, the water is pretty choppy and I'm not finding things at all easy at the moment.

Mostly, this is because my chest is still nowhere near right. This sporadic cough (which produces nothing to cough up) is not going away and I'm getting very fed up with coughing fits which leave me breathless and shaking. They seem to come out of nowhere and, whilst the inhaler helps, I feel rotten for ages afterwards. My chest feels pretty much permanently a bit 'tight' at the moment, but nothing like a chest infection feels. Just can't figure it out.

Whatever is up, this means the rower is very hard going (I gave it a miss this morning cos I just couldn't face it) and even my midday walks can be a bit of a trial. It also has a pretty marked knock-on effect on my frame of mind. I feel down and mopey a lot of the time and am much more likely to want to nibble than is usually the case.

I guess I just don't feel 'well' at the moment - to the extent that I've cancelled a trip to see my darling Mum at the weekend (much as I'd love to) as a five hour drive each way seems too much to handle.

The only thing to do is put up with it, carry on and and hope for smoother seas. In the meantime... pooh, bottoms, wobbly bellies and similar expletives!


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