02 March 2012

A bad way to lose

Me and my big mouth!

Oh boy, I had to do it, didn't I? Go and open said big mouth and suggest that, when lovely hubby came to meet me from work last night, we visited out local Chinese restaurant for dinner.

So we did, and I chose pretty sensible options, I thought - a mostly grilled meat startery type thing and a soup noodle main (of which I could only manage less than half).

Unfortunately, my 'sensible' choice has rather backfired on me in the sense that, last night, I spent an inordinate amount of time visiting the bathroom. This hit me as soon as we got home and, while I shan't go into graphic detail, just leave it that the region between my navel and knees is not at all comfortable and anything other than plain water (warm please) is not remotely on the cards today!

My lovely hubby kindly pointed out this morning that this 'event' undoubtedly meant I would see a drop in the scales. Er, he may be right - in fact I'd guess he probably is. Frankly, right now, I would rather forgo the loss. Grrr!

Update: OK, I don't feel 100% fabulous, but the 'episodes' seem to have reached their conclusion and a walk in the fresh air has helped me feel a whole lot better. Talk about Spring cleaning!


Roxie said...

Has it put you off Chinese food now? Me and my boyfriend went to a Chinese place years ago, and afterwards he was sick. He can't go near Sweet and Sour Sauce again without remembering that day.. :/

Hope you feel better now though.

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