30 March 2009

Fat lass 1 : Bug 0

And, at half time, the scoreboard is looking good for the fat lass. The sneaky little sore throat bug is struggling to survive a massive onslaught of vitamins and fresh air and it looks set to fail in this match. Die, you little beggars, die!

It's been a fairly good weekend. Caught up on some much-needed sleep... although still not enough to my mind, ate healthily and well (with one notable exception, which I'll get to), did some exercise and kept mostly positive. This means that the needle on my scales slid a wee bit further down, to 70kg. So another pound of flubber has been banished... hopefully forever, this time.

But... last week's weight loss would probably have been greater, except for a foodie experiment on my lovely hubby's part which I, of course, sampled with absolute delight. This experiment is a Turkish dessert, sweet and laden with calories (no surprises there then), and it's sinfully delicious.

It's called 'supangle' - go on, look up the recipe, you know you want to. Supangle is sort of a sweet, chocolatey Turkish take on the good old English trifle (OK, without the jelly), which can be seen in every pastanese in Istanbul. It's a cake base (ours was coconut cake) covered in a thick chocolate 'custard' which sets to a creamy, gooey, almost mousse-like consistency. The original recipe is pretty much death by chocolate and cholesterol.

We sensibly made ours with sugar substitute, which helps reduce the damage just a tad, but it still is screaming with calories and has way too much fat from butter, whole milk and a sprinkling of toasted nuts. I'm sure there must be ways to make it healthier still - we'll have to see. Thankfully, we managed to avoid the temptation to serve it, as do the Turks very often, with ice cream or cream as a topping.

With a fridge groaning under the weight of this stuff in mind, today's lunchbox contains just vegetables and fruit - and no deviations, fat lass! I will go for as long and fast a walk as I can in my lunch break (having walked the long way in this morning) and be as active as possible during the day.


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