08 March 2009

Sheer relief!

Thank goodness! My darling lovely hubby's op went smoothly on Friday and he is recovering well. He 'may' be allowed to come home later today, depending on whether they remove the last of the various bells and whistles he's been hooked up to. If that goes to plan he'll be mobile again... albeit rather on the sore side! Recovery is going to be a slow journey though, and I must be ready for him to get quite frustrated when the inevitable setbacks happen.

It's been odd but, very much more than expected, I've found it really difficult to deal with this whole episode. All logic and sense seems to have fled out of the window and I haven't been a strong support for him at all. I'm prepared to admit that I've been terrified and really can't bear to see my big strong bear in pain. He, on the other hand, has been positive, calm, patient and such a tower of strength that he has me in awe, all over again.

It's been an unusual few days from a food standpoint too. If I'd thought about it I'd have expected to deal with the stress in my time-honoured fashion and want to stuff myself with bad things. But that didn't happen.

On Friday I ate a small amount, more from necessity than desire, to keep my family reassured that I was taking care of me too. To be honest, I wasn't interested - even though I'd prepared and roasted a chicken and Mediterranean vegetables, two things I normally enjoy.

I wasn't all that bothered yesterday either. Surprising since I baked a batch of Welsh cakes (sugar free) to take in for lovely hubby. Normally, one sniff and I'd be wanting to gorge on these delicious little treats. Not this time. I ate one and that was quite enough. Amazing! I did do the dutiful and ate 'properly' (sort of) during the day but the only time I actually felt enthusiastic was when I was sitting next to my darling and a yoghurt seemed like heaven.

Not the weight loss strategy I'd recommend, but the scales reflect this unintentional abstinence with a drop in avoirdupois, so I've hit another milestone. I'm now officially 'ten stone something'. One step closer to being 'normal', which allows me to give my darling just a wee bit more love per square inch.

That's something about which, under more everyday circumstances, I should be dancing with joy. Somehow it doesn't seem much of a big deal right now. I just want my man home... and well... and happy.


Ox said...

I haven't been a strong support for him at all.


Remember, 'stressed' spelled backwards is desserts!

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