27 March 2009

Still fighting

Well, coming towards the end of the week now and it's pretty much been a success story. I've been sensible with food, eaten loads of fruit, exercised a bit more than before and increased the water intake. I'm really pleased that my motivation seems to be returning and I'm not finding it too hard... most of the time.

I'm also very happy that the scales seem to be responding to this treatment and that gives me a bit more of a boost to carry on. And I sure do need a boost at the moment as I'm still very tired and run down.

The tiny cloud on the horizon is that, although the cold sores are beginning to subside... this is only to make room for them to be replaced with a pounding headache and sore throat. I'm hitting the oranges and Vitamin C tablets for all they are worth, in the (vain?) hope that I can avert what appears to be an inevitable cold/virus or whatever.

I'm sitting here with a cup of hot lemongrass and lavender tea, trying to decide whether I can hold off from paracetamol for a while longer. Although isn't likely to be as busy a day as yesterday, there's still a lot going on and I'm very glad it's Friday.

We have a relatively quiet weekend ahead of us so maybe I can kick this bug where it hurts and get back to 'healthy' again soon. It is not going to stop me going for a walk today - the nice fresh.. no scratch that... the icy, freezing blasts of Arctic temperature air may help blow the bug out of my system.


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