05 March 2009

Frustration, happiness and more high-octane emotion

Yesterday was a funny sort of day. Yes, I know I'm stressed at the moment but the morning's events took the biscuit. Obviously my patience is getting shorter and my temper burns hotter. Just hope I can keep my trap shut for a few more days and that my face doesn't broadcast my feelings.

So, what got my goat so completely? It was a matter of my questioning how someone in a position of some responsibility/authority (who from their qualifications is supposed to be pretty bright) can be so utterly, irritatingly stoopid!

Sure, I know that not everyone can be an expert in everything and I know that computers and software packages, though essential, are not everyone's cup of chai latte. But the basics matter and, by the time you get to this level, surely you ought to have a grasp of them. When your 'important' work relies on the data you produce, how can you a) not know where you have saved your own files, b) not know what you called them and c) not have a clue when you created the files? Makes recovering your vital data just a teensy bit of a challenge!

What's worse, how can you also just assume that the mythical 'someone else' will be delighted to dig you out of the hole you merrily excavated for yourself (actually two 'someones' in this case, as I got hauled in to this SNAFU too), and then blame that 'someone' when it becomes clear that this is an impossible task?

Then, just when I thought that this really was one of 'those' days and it couldn't possibly get worse, I got a little surprise that set me smiling and lit up my day with joy.

I set off for a growly stomp at lunchtime as I was not a happy camper. It was beautifully sunny, but chilly, and I hadn't gone too far the sight of two tiny fresh green leaves breaking out of their bud on a nearby tree cheered me up. Spring is not a million miles away, it seems... even if Cornish roads are blocked by snow again!

While I was out, I popped into a charity shop and picked up a lovely bargain. Always nice to have something 'new' and pretty to wear, especially when it doesn't cost much at all. Even better when you consider that my bargain (trousers) are a size 12. And by buying them I've helped support ongoing cancer research.

Yesterday's best bits?

I got a message from my neice to say she has an interview for a job she wants really badly. I so hope it works out for her. She's so happy to even have got this far, and that happiness is infectious.

Better still, my Mum saw the surgeon and he was in her words "a very kind man who explained things properly and took the time to listen". Maybe it wasn't such a bad day after all.

And the positive news for today is that the waiting and uncertainty is over. Lovely hubby goes in for his op tomorrow so I can stop fretting about 'what if' and start worrying about the practicalities.


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