24 March 2009

Two positive days

A start, at least. I don't feel quite so much like this little fellow, I do feel slightly more positive, even if I'm still very tired.

Yesterday I got back to doing my morning back, knee and PF physio exercises diligently, as opposed to the rather lacksidasical manner I have been using, and then did the same again this morning. I made myself walk a bit faster, even if not further, drank more water and ate with a lot more thought and common sense.

On the food front, it was my much-loved porridge for breakfast (made with half semi-skimmed goat milk and half water - delicious), fresh fruit at break, then a bowl of muesli with skimmed milk and a yoghurt for lunch. Dinner was ready-packed moules marinieres with a big chunk of wholemeal bread. The verdict - not bad, but could probably improve the dinner choice as it was a little salty. Make our own next time. I think my meals overall were not heavy enough on the veggies, and I definitely ate too much bread.

Goaty porridge for breakfast and fruit again for break today. I've made a crunchy salad with mixed leaves, sugar-snap peas, soy beans, sweetcorn and tomatoes for my lunch, using a low calorie honey and mustard dressing for a bit of zing. The plan is to go for a walk at lunchtime too. OK, I'll need a scarf and gloves as the wind is bitter, but the chill should keep me moving at a fair clip.

I must think up some innovative ways to get my fruit and vegetable intake increased a bit more and review the snacks I have available during the day. If anything is going to let me down, they will. So I need to be prepared and stock up on 'good' snacks.

Exercise is another 'must do' and I will have to rethink my schedule to fit some more in. A return to Chi Kung is planned for after Easter and I'd like to get back on the rower (if my knee and back hold out). My dream would be to get back to the gym as I actually did enjoy it. Maybe if the rowing goes to plan...


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