03 April 2009

April Fool

Oh boy, I really am one. I fell for a crazy notion on the 1st (just don't ask), the tail end of March was equally stoopid and as for the last few days....

Why? Well, the good news is that those delightful Turkish chocolatey 'supangle' puddings I extolled have all gone... but the bad news is that a good half of them have doubtless ended up as new flab for the fat lass. So, all my hard work has gone to pot again - quite literally!

Putting Monday aside, it wasn't a good week, in all sorts of ways (including getting pretty - no, very - stressed again). The prospects for the weekend are looking pretty shaky too.

On Tuesday, my lovely hubby was working late (albeit at home) so we had a very unhealthy evening meal of sandwiches and crisps, having eaten more food during the day than I'd normally eat, even though it was healthy stuff, since we were 'skipping dinner'. Dear Lord!

A small, light cold supper had sounded like a good plan as we'd be eating very late but reality was different and wasn't a wise decision, particularly when it ended up beings heavily carbohydrate rich and we finished with a glass of something alcoholic and a choccy pud!

I ate out, with friends, at lunchtime on Wednesday (a hot meal) then proceeded to eat a proper meal at home in the evening! Then there was a friend's leaving lunch on Thursday. So, my midday meals, even when I made 'good' choices, have not been as sensible as they would have been if I'd just brought in my usual box of fruit & veg. What's more, it also means I haven't been walking.

Several evenings I've had a glass of wine then eaten portions (some of the wrong stuff) which I've known are too big... but kept on eating. And... almost every night this week I've eaten one of those blasted puds. I was at a meeting last night so hubby and I ate out again. Thank heavens there were no more puds left.

To paraphrase Heinlein 'you can take the fat lass out of temptation, but you can never quite take temptation out of the fat lass'!

Then we arrive at today. Let's just not go there, eh? Not a great start to the day (and you really do not want to hear about it - work stuff), then worse - a call from lovely hubby and a probable post-operative infection. He had called the hospital, and then, on their advice, our local surgery and was told to go see our GP just ten minutes after his phone call. This news completely sent me into a tailspin, the panic won and I inhaled chocolate.

This weekend? Er, probably a journey into the danger zone again as we are meeting a friend (hopefully, at least) for a leisurely lunch out on Saturday...

So, too much food, indulgent desserts and minimal exercise. The scales had alread marked my foolishness with a rise mid-week and I dread to think where I'll be come Monday morning.


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