25 March 2009

Salad days

And an update on yesterday's lunch - a reminder for the future. Don't get suckered in by the advertising hype and buy that salad dressing again. Sorry English Provender Co., but I'm afraid I think it is awful. It tasted no more of honey or mustard than I do. All I could identify in flavour terms was sugar. Bleh!

So, today's salad takes a different approach. Lots of mixed leaves (heavily rocket based - yum, yum) with no dressing. Add to that half a pot of chicken breast slices with a tikka flavouring for a shot of protein. Let's see if that hits the spot.

The scales are beginning to reflect this new-found (and hopefully lasting) enthusiasm and I'm heading back down to my 'milestone' weight. I did a lot more walking yesterday, which will have helped, and keeping a very strict eye on the things I stuff in my face is helping me feel more in control again.

I even splashed out on a treat today. Strawberries were half-price in the supermarket so I bought some for nibbling at work over the next few days. They are very nice indeed, and cheaper than chocolate!

I have just over two weeks before my mother's birthday and I'd still like to see if I could wear 'that' dress. She hasn't seen me in a frock (or high heels) for donkey's years!

Keep at it fat lass... and you may be able to surprise her.


William said...

It tasted no more of honey or mustard than I do

What do you mean? You're sweet, and definitely hot!

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