10 September 2008

The world didn't end today!

The much discussed CERN Large Hadron Collider switch-on has come and gone with none of the ooh, er, armageddon-type scary myths being fulfilled. Honestly, that's just not fair! It's completely ruined my great excuse for scoffing just one last bar of chocolate - best make do with an apple at break I guess.

On a more serious note, I'm still making progress, sure it's a little at a time, but still doing OK. I re-started the morning abs exercises today, doing these as well as my other stuff. Two out of three went well, actually better than I'd expected given the rather long break from them, the other one not so well as my knee wouldn't co-operate at all. I'll have to devise some sort of work around.

Oh, and that comfort food I mentioned - well, we had the mutton stew last night and I've got to report that I'm celebrating a great success, for me and for lovely hubby. It was delicious - not a huge surprise as hubby is a fabulous cook. The good bit is that we didn't serve it all and eat it - no, we are making it last for another meal tonight. A new attitude maybe? Smaller portions becoming a reality?

All in all I really do think my target is sensible and I am definitely committed to achieving it. It feels good to be back on track.


Diana Swallow said...

When I realized that today was the day they started that thing up, I really kicked myself for wasting time working in the garden when I could have been face down in a chocolate cake.

But at least today I have sore arms from pulling weeds and no chocolate hangover.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Appreciate the comment - thanks. And yeah, I didn't really miss the chocolate (she lies, badly!) and sore abs are telling me I'm doing the right thing.

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