05 September 2008

Weather blues and calculations

First the grumble... this soggy weather and the darkened skies are getting me down. Where did our summer go this year? It sure didn't come here. It's just sooooo depressing to look out at grey, grey, grey - and I'm royally fed up with getting wet. And now it's autumn, with winter fast approaching. Hard to keep one's thoughts away from comfort food.

It's not really the sort of temperature for a steaming casserole yet, too warm still, but that's what I'm dreaming about. Maybe a mutton stew with lots of carrots, or a beefy rich one with whole small shallots in a red wine gravy - even a herby chicken one with mushrooms, at a push.

For now, I'm still going for the lighter options but soon I'll have to think of ways to have my comfort, but healthily.

And the calculations part? Well, my trusty (more like rusty) calculator has been out of its drawer and set to work again in an attempt to keep my motivation going.

Thinking about a more accurate starting point, back in May 2007, I was probably in the region of 100kg (that's around 15 stone 10 lbs - my goodness that was fat!). For these calculations I'm going to assume that 100kg was my actual start point - by the time I was weighed at the surgery I was down to 96kg, but that was after 5 weeks of changed habits, and a noticeable loss in inches.

Taking my current weight, 77kg (a moderately pleasing 12 stone 2 lbs), I've lost 23kg or thereabouts. This means that when (note she says 'when', being positive, not 'if') I reach my October target of 75kg (in six weeks... and counting) I will have lost a quarter of my body weight... in flibbety-flobbety flab. What a fantastic thing that will be!

Even if I'm hard on myself, and take the doctor's 96kg as my start point, that'd still be over 22% of my body fat lost.

Oddly enough, one thing I have noticed recently though is that my body image (the way I see myself) fluctuates madly. Some days I feel as fat and lumpy as I ever was, despite the obviously smaller clothes, and on those days I can't shake that 'oh God, I look as dreadful as ever' feeling. Other days I feel pretty 'normal', like an average human not a blob of blubber. I haven't found a pattern yet, but there may be one I guess. Something to ponder on a wet weekend?


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