09 September 2008

It's all gone pear-shaped! (only kidding)

Just an aside on a rainy afternoon... as doing this stops me going to the canteen and buying that scrumptious-looking Bakewell Tart.

I'll try to stop drooling long enough to type.

Though I've long suspected this, today I calculated my waist-to-hip ratio at A Healthy Me

The results?

Their calculator reported...
Your waist-to-hip ratio is 0.72

going on to say...
You're a "pear"
not a major surprise there - I know only too well where the flab resides and it sure is South of the border!

and then...
Congratulations! At this ratio (0.76 and below) you have the lowest risk of heart disease and diabetes.
so the fat lass begins to celebrate...

until the report also goes on to say...
Waist size alone can signal the danger of heart disease. Your waist is larger than 30 inches, which means your chances of getting coronary disease is double that of women with smaller waists (28 inches and under).

A whole five inches to go then, eh? No point getting all excited just yet. Oh well, better keep at the healthy eating and weight loss plan then.


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