16 September 2008

Oh Lordy, what a day!

Of all days for there to be bread pudding on offer! This is hard to resist and I'm struggling... a lot.

It's been one of those manic days, right from the word go - meetings, more meetings, so much going on that you just don't know whether you are coming or going, and everyone wants their 'urgent' stuff doing 'right now' if not sooner.

Of course, it's also got to be one of those days when I don't have the correct money to take to the canteen (just enough for a cup of tea is a good place to be), so the temptation to use just a little bit of the change from my fiver for a small(ish) slice of the beautiful, fruit-rich, buttery, sweet bread pud is almost unbearable. Add to this the fact that I missed morning break, had a shortened sit down/stand up/sit again lunch break and now this. Never mind Mondays, I've just gone off Tuesdays!

Thankfully, I have clipped a couple of bits from websites to try to keep me from yielding to temptation on days like this... something to remember.

From Sara Sara Gets Skinny!
... my obesity is a condition that there is no 'cure' for, but must be kept in check by constant, vigilant effort.

and from Jen Prior Fat Girl
The Weight Loss Secret...
... if you want to be healthy ("skinny") then you have to do the work.

OK, did I eat bread pudding? No, at least not this time around.


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