23 September 2008

Good morning

Despite my worries I went to Chi Kung last night and the knee held up reasonably well for the whole hour. There were one or two bits it didn't like too much but I carried on anyway and really enjoyed being back at my class, seeing some old faces and some new ones. The focus and measured movements had a really positive effect on me - I found the day's cares and worries dropping away as we went through the evening. It was great to be back and I can happily say that I limped out feeling a whole lot better than when I limped in!

Today it was up early and back on the rower (a slow but steady 350 strokes), and then doing my other morning exercises. Again, not all plain sailing but do-able and I feel a lot better for it. My daily walk (well, hobble) across town into work was good too - a cool, but lovely autumnal morning here.

Yes, my knee hurts... and my lower back is also joining in the fun this morning, but it's just a matter of reminding myself that making an effort and overcoming a bit of discomfort is all part of putting the work in to rid myself of more horrid flab.

Let's keep with the positive mood today. Worth a bit of pain? Yep!


moonduster said...
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moonduster said...

I know what you mean about doing the exercise despite the pain because it's good for you and will help the pain in the long run.

I have pregnancy-induced sciatica and SPD (severe hip and pelvic pain) along with a lot of back problem that I believe are caused by the extra weight. But I make myself spend time on the elliptical machine each day or go for that 4 mile walk with my husband, because, although it hurts now, I will recoiver form it more quickly once the baby is here and I have less weight getting in the way.

The good news is that I used to have plantar fasciitis (heel pain), but after losing just a small amount of this extra weight, it went away. For the first time in years, I am able to walk long distances without any heel pain.

Good luck!

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