22 September 2008

Things can only get better

Can't they?

After a lovely weekend, it doesn't feel like a great start to the week. I've just realised that summer is officially over, today being the Autumn Equinox night and day are equally long, so from tomorrow we get more darkness than light. Wonderful. After such a washout summer, it feels like it could be a long winter.

And, it's Monday morning which is weighing morning. The bad news? The needle on my scales is sitting stubbornly at 76kg - not a hint of movement since last week, and this last one has been a 'good' week. After the great progress in recent weeks, a bit demotivating to say the least - oh pooh!

I'm also not feeling on top form. It was not the best of nights and my knee is quite swollen and uncomfortable (no actually, it hurts!) today. I think hubby was a bit surprised when he saw it as it doesn't usually get this bad. I can't straighten it properly and I should be starting my Chi Kung evening classes again tonight. I'm not sure how it'll react to that. Maybe I'd best get the damn thing checked over, but the next sensibly timed appointment is over a week away.

I couldn't face breakfast this morning so ended up eating a banana when I got to work. Not ideal, I know, and now I'm ravenous. Just had my apple and a couple of Ryvita but if a cow walks past me too slowly it may get gnawed.

I'm definitely having a 'poor me' day and all I really want to do is hibernate and 'treat' myself. Hmmm, methinks I'll really need to be on the ball to keep myself on track today.


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