03 September 2008

Temptation - grrrr!

Arrrgh! What is going on at the moment??

Let's get this straight. I'm really not being ungrateful (actually quite the opposite) but I think there must be a conspiracy going on to kick the fat lass back off the wagon. As you know, I've been finding things a bit of a struggle recently - and this makes things just a little bit harder.

On Monday I got home to a great big box of yummy looking Belgian chocolates - a 'thank you' present from a neighbour. Oh, the pain! It hurts me to say, but I've had to give them away as I couldn't cope with having them in the house, with them calling out "eat me, eat me - go on, just one".

Then on Tuesday I was given another beautifully wrapped box - this time a present of sweetmeats from Japan. This one will really pain me to give away (probably to my Mum though, which'll help) as I'd love to taste at least one of them. If they taste as appealing as they look, the packaging is just so delicate and beautiful, they'd be worth trying.

What's more, Tuesday turned into 'one of those days' at work and I got home in a very bad frame of mind, having lost my rag at work. A fancy choccy or a new Japanese sweetie would have been a wonderful thing to soothe my temper. I probably wouldn't have been able to stop at just one though, so... put temptation away from me.

Then we get to today. Another perfectly wrapped present had been left on my desk when I got in to work - again a 'thank you'. My heart sank for a moment, realised it was being ungrateful and then just hoped. Aha! Not food. The relief was amazing - hard to explain really. Even more so when this morning has brought a whole string of stresses and problems to deal with. If the present had been edible it would not have made it home tonight!


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