23 March 2008

Snowy weather

The weatherman got it right. Woke up to Easter Sunday and the start of the snow at about 6.30am and suggested a walk.

It was FANTASTIC! Proper sticky snow, clinging to every twig and blade of grass. It was so beautiful and got even better when the flakes got bigger and it snowed more heavily. We stayed out for about an hour and a half - most of that time hardly saw a soul. We did see lots of birds (including a pair of mating swans), a rather podgy squirrel and a couple of dogs bouncing along on a joyous walk. I didn't want to stop, to be honest, but hubby was getting a bit cold.

Decided we'd earned a cooked breakfast so grilled some lovely Musks sausages, fried (ooh, how wicked!) some big flat mushrooms with garlic and opened a can of beans. Couple of slices of wholemeal bread - no, I didn't have butter or anything! - and that finished it off nicely. Delicious, even if I couldn't finish it all.

I'm on a promise for a cup of hubby's great coffee in a while. Then no great plans for the rest of the day, apart from a water change and cleaning the fish up a bit - poor little things are getting algae on the glass again. Still, I think I might just get on the rower later. I can't quite believe it still, but I seem to want to exercise for the first time in my life. Funny, isn't it?

By the way, managed to make it through the coffee morning yesterday without a single scrap of chocolate passing my lips! It didn't even feel like a minor problem. Things really have changed.


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