19 March 2008

Gym again - good!

Had to take the calf lifts a bit easy this time as they hurt (a lot!) during Chi Kung after our last time, on Sunday. I've switched from Tai Chi to Chi Kung as the class times are earlier but it can be a challenge at times.

So, care of calf muscles, but we still had a good outing and everything else went well. In fact, more than well.

I asked one of the staff about the core exercises as I wasn't at all sure that what I was doing was right. She came to help but asked me why, when my instructions mentioned raising one leg at a time, I was raising both legs together. I couldn't understand this and said, oh no, I couldn't do that and never had been able to as I had no strength at all in my tummy muscles.

How astonished I was when she said that's what I was doing! So, the core must be getting stronger - I could never do that, and have been extremely frustrated all through the yoga classes I've been to. Yippee!


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