06 March 2008

Go figure?

Well, problem is partly solved. I'm getting HUNGRY at about 3.30 or 4.00 pm.... very! Hence some of my willingness to eat cake or whatever. Actually, I'd probably eat the packaging - so ate four dried figs instead.

Done a bit of Googling and I wonder if I may need to add just a little carbohydrate to lunch for a few days and see if this does the trick to stop the afternoon 'feed me' feelings. It could be that my body has just got a bit p**d off with being asked to do my current level of exercise on a bowl of muesli and my fairly meagre (if healthy) lunch?

Either that or eat the dreaded banana in the afternoon. Funny how I've gone right off them. Anyway, try it and see if it helps.

By the way, I'm off to the gym tonight, for the one-to-one assessment for my personal fitness programme. I hope the trainer, John, is kind to me as I feel a bit (OK, very) nervous.


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