10 March 2008

Plodding along

Failed dismally to buy some new clothes on Saturday. Not at all happy as the size 18 was too big, size 16 was too small - in the same trousers for heaven's sake! The positive side is that I'm even considering a 16 though... and not from the 'fat lass' shops either. A lot of walking, but probably rather counteracted by drinking a pint of S.A. Brains' beautiful brew whilst watching Wales winning the rugby.

Still, the food side of things was fairly good, although I did have a bowl of chips (hand-cooked posh artisan 'fries' actually - tee hee) with my lentil burger. Couldn't eat them all but they were a lovely treat.

Went back to the gym on Sunday morning and really enjoyed it. Did my 15 mins on the (Concept II) rower - no problem, unsurprisingly enough, but what amazed me was that I then did 15 mins on the stepper!

You could have knocked me down with a feather! The other day I just could not get the hang of it and it nearly killed me, but on Sunday we somehow clicked and I stopped fighting it. 15 mins wasn't exactly a doddle but it was do-able, and with enough energy left for 5 mins on the cross-trainer. Now, that is still a bitch and 5 mins is quite enough for now.

Then it was on to the weights machines and I think I remembered most of what John told me. Struggled with the two upper body pushing ones (heaven knows what they're called) but the rest went OK. Put the leg press up to 130lbs as 100lbs was way too easy.

The core stuff wasn't quite so good though. Don't think I can really remember what I was told, so it seemed very hard. Also, I know there were quite a few stretches I need to do each time, but I could only think of a handful and I'm sure there were more.

Also not so good is doing all that in the gym then coming home to clean out the fish tank (a long job!) and then do a huge pile of ironing. By the evening I was soooo tired... and rather grumpy.

Back to normal on Monday but missed out the morning exercises - sadly. I'm very achy (and not just from the gym) and had a lousy night so it was just too rushed. A stormy, wet & windy walk at lunch was wonderful though and did me a lot of good on a stressful Monday. I'm off to Tai Chi in about an hour so am munching a bowl of fresh fruit with a pint of water - that'll do me good too.


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