07 March 2008

Getting with the programme

Hey, that was great - much better than I expected! Spent just under 2 hours learning about :

  • the cardio machines - including that awful stepper - hate it already!
  • the weights machines - some of which look horrendously complex but are actually quite easy to use... once you know how
  • the core exercises - a strong core is essential I gather (and you never know, I might one day have one), although they make you look a bit of a prat, wobbling about on the gym-mats
and finally, the stretches. These are also very important and I must remember to do them. I guess once you do forget and you hurt yourself, you won't forget again.

John doesn't like the Abs Crunch thing I've got for the abs part of the core exercises - he prefers you to do without such aids, but I think it has helped me a bit already as I am soooo weak in that area. I'll keep with it (and do his exercises) for now.

He was really helpful and didn't make me feel stupid, or old, or a lazy slob or anything negative. But, he does expect me to push my limit, a good thing as far as I'm concerned.


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