21 March 2008

Good Friday

Well, a good Friday indeed. A lie-in, then up and onto the rower. As the gym is closed over the weekend I did a bit more. Only a quarter as much again at 500 strokes, but pushing the stroke rate up. What would have taken 20 mins at 25 strokes per minute I did in just a shade over 19 mins - very happy with that, particularly as sometimes I can only manage around 24 strokes per min.

Then the Weider Abs thing. Hmm, why not push that a bit as well - so did 50 upper, 20 lower and 40 obliques. It felt fine (mostly), but it just takes far longer than I have on a normal weekday morning.

Not a lot of walking today but still a little, and then on to the boring stuff - washing, ironing, bed-making, etc. Still, it frees up the holiday weekend for proper relaxation.

A Happy Easter so far - wonder if I can avoid the chocolate and cakes at the coffee morning tomorrow?


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