04 August 2009

Reasons to be cheerful

My lovely little lunch boxes of fresh crunchy vegetables, juicy fruit and delicious natural yoghurt are so much more enjoyable than the rather poorer habits I had got back into. A treat for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. So why did I stop eating sensibly when I actually like it? I can't figure that out at all.

All of a sudden I'm enjoying my rowing again, and have added some abs exercises to the morning's slot too. The walk to work is much more fun these days. There's a bounce to my step and there would appear to be blood circulating in my veins again - in a way I feel more alive. Hmm, I wonder if this means I 'may' be getting back on track.

It's funny but, at the moment, I'm less concerned about the weight aspects of this whole thing (until the next time I hop on the scales I suppose) and much more enthusiastic about the way it's making me feel. Of course, I'd like to see the flabby bits firming up, and the odd measurement decreasing too. That'd be a definite bonus.

We went to the gym and both renewed our memberships last night. Now I'm really itching to go and use it, but I may have to restrain myself until next week as this one is so busy in the evenings and I'll be away from Thursday. Yes, yes, I know! It would have made sense to leave it until next week... but I wanted it done.

The new-found enthusiasm stretches yet further. I've decided to hold off from enrolling in the more gentle and measured Chi Kung class I used to attend, and give 'salsacise' a try. The fat lass going to a dance class? Voluntarily? What a turn around that is!

I hope the knee holds up, so I have a 'plan B' just in case it objects. I may eventually end up going back to Chi Kung. I could even do it as well, as they've changed the night the class is held so there's no clash. What I must do is take things steadily. Don't let it go to your head, girl - no mad rush to do everything at once, then give up after week three!

And, putting a learning point from my recent management course into practice, I've set myself a SMART goal (that's Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-specific). The target is this - by the end of October, when lovely hubby and I celebrate our wedding anniversary and two significant birthdays in Istanbul, my grey walking trousers will be loose on my waist and hips, and not leave a broad reddened mark from the elastic at the waist when I take them off.

That means aiming to get down a clothing size or so, probably to a size 10-12 from where I am now, by:

  • sticking to a sensible, healthy eating plan (but not going 'weight loss' mad)
  • keeping a food diary (I have been very lax with this recently)
  • increasing my activity levels (with the plans above and topping-up the exercise in any little ways I can think of)
  • keeping an exercise log (what, how much, etc.)
  • measuring and weighing myself regularly (and trying on those trousers!)
Do-able? I think so.


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