13 August 2009

Away, but not absent

Just back from a few days away with my mum, which was absolutely wonderful. I wouldn't have wanted to come home at all except that lovely hubby awaited me (you can now imagine me with a big cheesy grin).

I tried to be 'careful' and eat as sensibly as possible while I was with her. That was a case of small portions, loading up on the veg, and just having a wee bit of the buttery, creamy stuff I was cooking for her. In fact, I found I actually don't like roux-based sauces any longer, especially cheese sauce, and it used to be a firm favourite too.

The old body had a fair bit of exertion too... sometimes even by honest to goodness exercise not just housework. I had some lovely brisk early morning walks before mum was awake - blissful! But, by this morning, I've found that with everything (including the travelling) I have to admit I'm pretty knackered!

I sneakily got on the scales this morning as I was a little concerned that in feeding up my mum (with lots of healthy but high calorie goodness), I was also feeding up the fat lass. I didn't really expect a very good result. I even thought there might be a small rise, but got quite a surprise instead. My weight is back down to the magic 'less than 11 stone' figure of 69.5kg so I am one happy bunny.

It'll be a busy and active weekend with little time to go too far off the rails so I'm hoping this 'may' drop a teensy little bit further by next Monday (my next weigh day). My next mini-goal is to get my weight below 69kg for the first time in years. That'd be really nice. So, it's back to the gym too. I'm really looking forward to doing something positive once again to make the change happen.

What's more, if I can get it down to 66kg in a reasonable length of time I'll be extra-extra-extra-happy. Why? Because, wait for it, I'd then be at a 'normal' BMI... that is, NOT 'overweight'!

Can you believe I'm even contemplating that? I still see myself as the fat lass so strongly (especially when I tried on a swimming cozzie yesterday... and shuddered) that I'm struggling to think I could really be or feel normal again. I know I'm never going to be a skinny bird. Way too much water under my bridge for that to ever happen. But, it would be very nice to think of myself as being a 'normal' woman, and actually believe the evidence I see in the mirror.


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