17 August 2009

Great weekend

Well, maybe 'great' is not exactly the right word, but it was certainly busy and constructive. We decorated the bathroom (woodwork, ceiling and all) and it looks soooo much better you almost need your sunglasses. Only the new flooring to go (which happens on Wednesday) and it will be nice and fresh and new. I'd love to get rid of the horrid ceramic blue tiles, which are really not my taste at all, but...

Also a great weekend as lovely hubby and I got up early to make the most of our decorating days and went for several fabulous walks together - not hugely far, but nice time for just the two of us to talk and relax. We worked hard, ate healthily (although we had a couple of little treats, like a beer or two - yum!) and just generally enjoyed our own company. Feels absolutely marvellous.

And the scales rewarded this good behaviour with... er, nothing actually. No shift at all so I'm still just where I was when I weighed sneakily mid-week, 69.5kg. Oh well, I guess it was a bit too much to ask.

Never mind. Back to some more exercise and sensible food choices - that should get things moving, eh? Back on the rower this morning and looking forward to the gym tomorrow. Started this week with a good lunchtime walk, am eating healthily and am fairly happy with the way things are right now - I feel pretty motivated. All in all, not a bad place to be.


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