14 August 2009

Limping along - a fat lass moans

Oh bottoms. Big fat wobbly bottoms. Yesterday I was on quite a high to find my weight was less than I had expected. So, I didn't want to ruin the moment by mentioning the not quite so good stuff. Today, however...

While I was away I'd bought a new pair of much-needed work shoes. Nice, sensible, comfy, round-toed black leather flatties. Quite pretty (in an industrial sort of a way) with decorative 'flower' cutouts and Mary Jane style straps, perfectly suited to this fat lass and her walking... or so I thought.

And the one minor problem? A severe case of over-enthusiasm on my part. They were great, fitting snugly but comfortably when I tried them on and bought them. But, having worn them for precisely one walk to work and one whole morning, I got a wee bit hot (yep, we've got a little bit of summer again). My feet swelled, only slightly but quite enough thanks very much, and... bingo! They cut my poor feet to shreds.

Did I carry a spare pair to change into, 'just in case'? Did I hell, stooopid girl! Plasters to the rescue, then could hardly wait to get home to take the damned things off and write a very large note to self to wear new shoes in G R A D U A L L Y in future. Oh well, back to the comfy but mangy old faithfuls today, and try again (in small doses) next week. But what the heck. A couple of blisters is not going to stop me hitting the gym!

In the meantime... limp, ouch... limp, ouch... limp, ouch... It's exercise Jim, but not as we know it!


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