21 August 2009


Yep, we sweated like hogs at the gym.

It was absolutely great though - we both really enjoyed it. I'm very pleased that I managed to do all my old weights stuff (and a tiny bit of extra), a little core work and the stretches in around 40 minutes and it wasn't the slightest struggle (she lies a bit, but it wasn't too hard). I had a cunning plan though. I've gone back to my 'absolute beginner' weights and I'll work up slowly to do more reps before I even think about increasing them.

The cardio was another story. That was a bit mixed to be honest. Rowing was fine (well, it should be really), the stepper was fine too and I soon got back into the swing of it... but that blasted cross-trainer reminded me of why it and I used to have a love/hate relationship. Lord, that is one tough cookie! Can hardly believe I used to do 20 mins at a higher resistance AND using the incline - last night, all I managed was 7 minutes on the flat and that was sheer hell! Oh well, it'll improve.

I'm not too stiff... yet. My thighs know I've worked, but it isn't an unpleasant ache. More a reminder that I'm actually doing something to shift the rest of this stubborn flubber. The excess flab really ought to start to diminish soon, with luck. In addition to the gym last night, I did my usual morning rowing (plus the pelvic floor exercises I'm going to have to do for the rest of my life) and clocked up around 13,000 steps through the day.

Come on you 'orrible fat cells, start waving those little white flags!


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