18 August 2009

Let's get philosophical

What's prompted this? Well, a none too great 'day at the office, dear' means that I'm feeling stressed and unhappy. A problem not of my making, but I've ended up dealing with the fallout! What? But it isn't even Monday! Ho hum, some days it just feels like overload 'r us here.

For the philosophy part, let's take good old Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and his rainy day blues poem, with that oft-quoted line "Into each life a little rain must fall". I'm sure you know the one.

It's not really a quote about how miserable life is though. No, it has more of a 'c'mon old son, get a grip' sentiment. Somewhere in the poem Longfellow reminds us that although there may be dark clouds above us, the sun is still shining just behind them. It's up to us to remember that.

So, illegitimi non carborundum! I'm not going to let this temporary feeling of anger/misery/irritation or whatever it is lead me down the slippery path to comfort food. No siree! I may be thinking 'chocolate' right now, but I'm going to nibble healthy fruit and go out into the beautiful sunshine and walk away those blues.

Keep that motivation going, fat lass!


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